1. Leigh Michelmore 31 March 2015

    A great milestone today!!!!

    We've hit the 2'000.00 Chf mark as a result to your amazing support.
    A big thank you to everyone that's supported us so far, it truly means a lot.

    Please continue to spread the word and tell others about our and what we are trying to achieve, only with your help can NetAP continue their very important work out there for the animals in need.

  2. GivenGain Foundation 26 January 2015
  3. Leigh Michelmore 26 January 2015

    A big thank you to all the donors for your generous contributions to this project! We are only 2 months away from the big race now and your support is gratefully appreciated in getting me there.

  4. Leigh Michelmore 3 September 2014

    Many thanks to our very first donors for your generous contributions and for getting the project off to a great start!

  5. Eric Grant 2 September 2014

    Worthy cause and great adventure - don't stay stop until the finish line, definitely not at the end of a stage or day!

    1. Leigh Michelmore 2 September 2014

      Hi Eric, many thanks for your kind donation and comment. Congrats too on completing the MDS, I truly am looking forward to taking part next year. Would be great to catch up with you on your experiences. Thanks again, have a wonderful day!

  6. Chiara Valdesolo 1 September 2014

    Great project Leigh! This looks like a killer race.

    1. Leigh Michelmore 1 September 2014

      Many thanks Chiara, long road ahead, will be an unforgettable adventure.

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