1. Mansour Shakarchi 2 August 2014

    Please visit the Facebook page http://gigaf.org/URXAoh for pictures, and information on the project.

    Thank you for the support,

  2. Mr Eight 23 July 2014

    The 8888 number sequence indicates that there is light at the end of the tunnel and in addition it is a message for you not to procrastinate when making your move or enjoying the fruits of your labour. Make the choices that go with your heart.

  3. Mansour Shakarchi 20 July 2014

    On saturday, I joined my mentor Stephan Siegrist, in Fribourg for our main planning and training session. We went over all the equipment and we decided how we will undertake this climb.

    I first learnt how to use all the unfamiliar new tools at my disposal. I had to make sure I knew all my knots well, learn how to set up and use the ascending and rappelling devices, and finally make sure that my climbing skills were up to date. We spent a good part of the day indoor climbing and training, and I was exhausted; can't imagine how it will be on the final day, outside with all the heavy equipment to carry around.

    We then made plans for the routes we were going to open. We chose Ueschinental as the location, a beautiful and accessible region. The goal was to open two routes by using different methods. Each route would be short, yet challenging, so that the young can make the most of them, since this project is aimed for the children. Once both routes are bolted, we will then climb them, and name them M.A.E. (Marc-Antoine Ettori) and CANSEARCH.
    For any pictures of that day visit: http://gigaf.org/1nLOm40
    I can't wait for the real climb.

    I'ld also like to take this occasion, to thank you all for the support,

    1. Marc Ansari 21 July 2014

      Dear Mansour, thank you so much for what you are doing for CANSEARCH, for all these children and adolescent with cancer! Bonne chance

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