Richard Laskey

On the 04/06/17 I'm running the Comrades Marathon in a snug, warm woolen Cow Suit. 89km from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, to help little kids fight cancer!
Why in a cow suit? Because for 89km I will feel pain and discomfort, in support of the little kids who feel years of much worse pain and discomfort.
This is in memory of those that have lost the fight and those that continue to battle this shitty disease.
Please support me in my cause with any contribution you can spare, any amount makes a difference. To those who have supported and continue to do so, I thank you.
Help me to make a difference in their little lives.

Love Living Life Believe!


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Dad to 3 gorgeous daughters. Modern Athlete Magazine. Charity campaigner for THE COWS Helping kids with cancer! #LoveLivingLifeBelieve #Fuckcancer

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