6 Amputees, 3 physically challenged and 1 wheelchair together with USA TRIPLE Amputee Rajesh Durbal plan to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro on the 27th February 2014 to prove that Disability has NO LIMITS.

Goal: To be able to assist as many Disabled children of Africa and to be able to provide 1000 African Leg Prosthetics to 1000 amputee children over the next 5 years.

A remarkable journey, JOIN us!

$5,000usd gets you a spot on the team $4,000usd gets your own personal flag and a picture on top the mountain with the team along with brand recognition. $3,000usd, is gold brand recognition on the documentary with pictures and a famous rock gift of the mountain signed autographs, and a rajesh durbal book signed. $2,000usd is silver brand recognition, documentary with pictures and signed autographs, and a rajesh durbal book. $1000 for special gift Item from each city $500 gifts from each city $100 signed book of rajesh $25 signed picture of the team.

a project by


Lee Wyser

Zürich, Zurich, CH

Supporting athlete to Disabled Athletes. Passionate about Guts2Glory. Climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Disabled adults and children.

in support of

Guts2Glory Foundation Trust

Walking with Freedom Tour 2015

Cape Town, Western Cape