Help me climb those last three hills.

I've always preferred the couch to the gym. I still do. But when I was introduced to cycling by someone with enough patience to drag me past my state of negative fitness to a point i could enjoy myself, i realised the enjoyment and benefits of cycling.

Although my fitness levels are such that I am still a contender for the "longest day " award, i completed my first 947 cycle race last year. I also fundraised for Qhubeka last year, and the combination of the achievement of completing a 95km race and raising enough money to buy two and a half Qhubeka bikes has brought me back this year. So my appeal to you is to please assist me in my journey this year. You can't physically push me up those last three hills but knowing that you've helped provide someone with a bike, and therefore the chance to change their lives, you will provide the literal push I will definitely be needing.

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Qhubeka Charity

Qhubeka 947 Cycle Challenge 2017

Johannesburg, Gauteng