It's about altruism, equal dignity, and freedom of choice.

The GivenGain Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland and manages all donations made to projects listed on GivenGain.

Although many other donation management services are for-profit enterprises, we believe that managing donations through a supervised Foundation creates greater transparency and value for the global non-profit community. The Foundation does not pursue any political, religious or sectarian goal - it serves human rights.

Unlike some, GivenGain does not make a profit on your donations. This is made possible through our unique relationship with the GivenGain Foundation, a non-profit organisation. We believe that this is the right thing to do.

Foundation board

  • Johannes van Eeden

    Co-founder of GivenGain and Executive Director of the Swiss Foundation

  • Jaco van Eeden

    Co-founder of GivenGain and Information technology specialist

  • Frans Stroebel

    Advocate, diplomat, conservationist, and Chairman of the Board

  • Benoît Merkt

    Benoît is an attorney at law and partner at Lenz & Staehelin, the largest law firm in Switzerland.