About us

We're a group of fundraisers working from offices in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. We've been breaking down barriers since 2001, and we love what we're doing.

GivenGain is the global leader in cloud-based activism. Our platform enables organisations to run better fundraising operations and increase revenue with tools that allow them to build and manage relationships and win support for the ideas they believe in.

We started GivenGain in 2001 with a simple idea: to enable global philanthropy by empowering individuals and non-profits to break down the barriers between and within ourselves.

Today, GivenGain is known primarily for two things: We help individuals do extraordinary things to raise money for their favourite causes, and we help charities and non-profits build strong and sustainable funding models.

All donations made on GivenGain are managed by the GivenGain Foundation, a non-profit organisation registered in Switzerland.