Activities (4)

  1. Kristina made a donation - R300.00 to Hippo Rollers for Mmangweni

    15 August 2018

  2. Kristina created a new fundraising project, Hippo Rollers for Mmangweni

    17 July 2018

  3. Kristina made a donation - R500.00 to STOP MINING ON THE WILD COAST! I have been following this story for years but not always understanding its complexity. What has always inspired me is how the majority of the community see ecotourism as the solution to driving sustainable development and yet when I try to book a community owned and operated wild coast excursion, there is no up to date website or service that supports this. You have so many talewnted supporters who are storytellers, photographers etc, surely this can be accomplished on a shoestring and bring immediate economic benefit or would the lives of tourists be in danger pending the outcome of the mining licence? Kris

    27 March 2016

  4. Kristina made a donation - R75.00 to e) Burn Green Competition

    18 April 2011