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Livestock Guarding Dog Project

5,315.00 ZAR of 50,000.00 ZAR Project Target raised so far, with 3 Activists helping out*

Livestock Guarding Dogs are effectively used to prevent livestock farmers from using lethal control methods such as gin-traps, poisons and or shooting to kill predators, such as leopard, cheetah, brown hyaena, caracal and black backed jackal, that predate on livestock. The Livestock Guarding Dogs guard the herds and flocks with which they have been bonded and protect the livestock while they graze in the fields at day and sleep in the kraals at night. Farmers that have taken part in this EWT project have reported close to a one hundred percent reduction in livestock losses. The farmers have stopped lethal predator control methods thus allowing predators to roam freely in these areas. As the livestock are protected from predators, the predators hunt the natural prey available on the farmlands. This Livestock Guarding Dog project has shown that it is possible to protect both livestock and predators on farmlands.

 To purchase, train, attend to the husbandry requirements, keep and doctor a Livestock Guarding Dog costs roughly five thousand per year. Currently we have twenty dogs in the project with ten more on their way. The wish list for these dogs is growing every day as farmers are educated about this project’s successes. All donations towards this project would be greatly appreciated. Go on … save our predators, donate to the Livestock Guarding Dog project.

This Given Gain project aims to have at least ten puppies sponsored the end of this year!  Please help our threatened predators by giving these puppies a home today!

31 March - Project Leader: Deon Cilliers in Projects / Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Program

* This project has received donations in currencies other than ZAR, so due to fluctuating exchange rates, the amounts shown here are estimates.