Promoting positive relationships in multicultural societies

6,633.00 ZAR of 500,000.00 ZAR Project Target raised so far, with 1 Activist helping out*

The main challenge to peace in the new millennium is the inability of cultural, language and religious communities to coexist peacefully within the same countries.

South Africa’s future success also depends on our ability to maintain positive relations between our communities by working for mutual understanding and respect and by upholding the cultural, language and religious rights.

To this end the Foundation

  • strongly supports the cultural, language and educational rights of communities that are enshrined in the Constitution
  • it promotes communication between cultural and language communities and between communities and the government
  • it carries out research on the challenges facing multicultural societies
  • it supports mother tongue education and shares South Africa’s experience with other multicultural societies.

The Foundation plays a leading role in the national debate on cultural and language questions and has also facilitated communication between communities and government at the highest level to discuss and address current concerns.

The Foundation needs R 500 000 (±USD 70 000) per annum to carry out these tasks.

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23 October 2012 - Project Leader: Dave Steward

* This project has received donations in currencies other than ZAR, so due to fluctuating exchange rates, the amounts shown here are estimates.