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2012 - Year of Prayer for the two Sudans

by NJ SSNet
Posted 15 November 2011

2012: Year of Prayer for the two Sudans

Under a firm conviction that the Lord is stirring us to a year of prayer for the two Sudans, the Sudan Support Network would want to set the platform for such a year of prayer to develop.

It would not be about promoting any specific organizational structure, but rather about the Body of Christ world-wide taking hands in continually lifting up the two Sudans to the Father’s throne of grace.

Although a basic structure would be provided, believers from all over the world whether inside or outside the two Sudans, would be encouraged to take ownership and work through their own structures, or create them if currently non existent. Alternatively just connect with what would be developed during the course of the year.

How you could become part of the action of the "2012 - Year of Prayer for the two Sudans"?
Please e-mail us on what God's stirring in you in terms of any one or more of the options below. Even write to us if you're interested in more than the options below. We'd love to serve you where possible.

  1. Option 1: For news updates, send us an e-mail to join the 2012: Year of Prayer for the two Sudans group.
  2. Option 2: Join the 2012 - Sudan Prayer Guide group. We aim to send you 1 topic per week to pray about.
  3. Option 3: Organize a prayer group to pray for the two Sudans during 2012. If you want, we could send you specific information to pray about.
  4. Option 4: Join the Facebook group created for the 2012 YOP for the two Sudans. To go to the link, please click here.
  5. Option 5: Go on a prayer journey to Sudan. Should you be interested, please write to us to connect you with an option that might work for you.
  6. Option 6: Intercession with a difference! Join the Sudan4Jesus run. This is about a team of 50 running the 89 km (about 55 miles) Comrades run on 3 June 2012, raising funds for the spread of the Gospel in Sudan, proclaiming God's glories and purposes for the two Sudans in taking part. You could pray, give, run or support. Mail us if you're interested.
  7. Option 7: Join us for the 14th Annual Sudan Prayer Gathering from 27 to 29 January 2012 in South Africa.


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