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Posted 21 July 2011 in Posts / News


*  A little UPdate full of joy for you... Our JOY
    FAMILY is steadily growing Bigger and Bigger and Bigger …expanding
    its uplifting branches and bringing joy to over 3500 people every
    month – YAY!


1.    YIPEE! We’ve trained UP 9 new care clowns... 7
       of these care clowns will be sharing joy at a new institution in
       Hanover Park. The other 2 are joining current groups.

2.    We’ve moved UP offices to Observatory – thanks to the charitable sUPport

3.    We’ve launched JOY CARDS – for R50 – you can get 10 joy cards and share
       joy with acts of kindness

4.    We’re taking JOY Global – some exciting news is brewing - we'll tell  you more
       super soon.


*    Spirit Sisters Productions will be filming the UP for “The POWER WITHIN” on                      30th July  one of our institutions.

•    JOY SESSION and UP stand at the Obs Holistic Fair
     7th August 2011 – come visit our UP stand and enjoy some JOY -
     watch press for details

•    Jeremy Behrmann from Elixir Group is
     super inspired to support the Up and grow our joy into corporates –
     more info coming soon

*    UPpreciation
     For financial contributions and support - Special thanks to MAID –
     Make an Immediate Difference, Georgina Hamilton, Alison Vickerman,
     Steve & Kate Vosloo, Marcel Oudejans, Hetzner for donating web
     hosting for 2011/12 and Spirit Sister Productions for the new UP
     office… Ice Edge for doing our books and audit...

     And for everyone that has voted and shared our film - YAY to you ALL!

     p.s. - to make a monthly or once off donation to THE UP - go to