What Makes Heifer Different? Passing on the Gift®

Posted 11 April 2012

"Participation in the Heifer project gave me more than I expected. Now I am happy, as my life has changed. Today, I came to help other families and change their lives," says Eunice Ngcobo, a member of Heifer International South Africa's Injabulo kaNoah project, during a Passing on the Gift® ceremony.

Passing on the Gift® is a unique principle that sets Heifer International South Africa apart. Passing on the Gift® means that each project member will pass on the equivalent of what he or she receives (training, livestock, best practices) to another needy family. And that's how Eunice and thousands of other impoverished South Africans have gone from barely surviving each day to being able to change the lives of others in need.

Eunice Ngcobo was one of 12 million South Africans who face hunger and poverty every day. Now, thanks to Heifer, she is able to provide healthy food for her family, to send her children to school and earn a regular income. And last year she gave that same opportunity to another family by Passing on the Gift®. Eunice gave the gift of chickens and goats to Thoko Khumalo enabling Thoko to ensure food security and earn an income for her own family. And Mrs Khumalo, like every Heifer farmer, will Pass on the Gift® to another family.

Over the past 12 years, Heifer International South Africa has worked with over 3000 rural women and men, helping them to create sustainable small farming enterprises and become self-reliant, while caring for the environment and providing their families with healthy food and Passing on the Gift® to uplift their own communities.