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Transforming Tshwane
*working with churches and communities to Transform Tshwane Together*

Transforming Tshwane Process is an initiative of church and Christian leaders and its mandate is to facilitate a process to mobilize the Church to work towards the transformation of Tshwane into a city that reflects the knowledge of the glory of God.

Started in 2000 Transforming Tshwane has actively worked to fulfill its mandate through engaging, networking, partnering and advocation within the Church and other sectors of society. To date there are more than 1500 church and Christian leaders from across Tshwane who are networked in one way or another with the process, with the end goal of seeing the Church working together to support a spiritual renewal that will bring about a measurable moral and social transformation of our city.

It strives to provide a platform to inform and inspire the Church to provide greater leadership, within the church and society, to work actively and with intent towards a city that will truly reflect the character and values of God, spiritually, physically, morally and socially.

The Whole Church with the Whole Gospel for the Whole City!

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