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The Home for children «Tić» Rijeka provides psychological help for children who suffer from problems related to parental neglect and abuse, domestic violence and other forms of abuse.  It is a public institution, founded by the Municipality of Rijeka.  Through this new institutional form it continues to follow the practice of the NGO «Tić».  First, the NGO «Tić» was founded and later it expanded to the Counseling Center.

The «Tić» Association for the protection of abused and neglected children was founded in 1998. This involved a multidisciplinary approach to the protection of children from maltreatment. The Association gathers together experts such as medical professionals, school and pre-school experts, police officers, welfare officers, employees at courts, the General Attorney’s Office for Youth, members of Church and members of the local City Government who fully support the project. The first task of the Association was to develop the awareness of society for this problem through lectures, discussions and promotional material.

In July 2000 the «Tić» Counseling center for the protection of abused and neglected children was founded on behalf of The «Tić» Association and the local City Government. The aim was to give children immediate psychological treatment, counseling treatment for nonabusive parents and members of family and families with risk for abuse as well. The «Tić» Counseling center is open to all children from 0 to 18 years of age and all services are completely free of charge and no referral slip is necessary.

In first four years of work The «Tić» Counseling center had employed only one psychologist. But rapid and continuous growth of number of clients, together with the sensibility of the local City Government who fully support the project, the «Tić» Counseling center employed a multidisciplinary professional team (three psychologists, child psychiatrist, two pediatricians and a nurse).

 At this moment the multidisciplinary team consists of 8 members – 5 psychologists, a social worker, a psychiatrist, 2 pediatricians, and a kindergarten teacher. Multidisciplinary team is regularly supervised by a Croatian psychiatrist – expert in the field of child abuse. All the services are free for those in need.

The Center «Tić» consists of three groups of programs: the Half-day program, the Counseling center, and Prevention activities.


Dječji dom „Tić“ Rijeka je ustanova socijalne skrbi koja pruža podršku djeci i roditeljima u izazovnim životnim situacijama. Zaštita djece od zlostavljanja i zanemarivanja je naša osnovna djelatnost kojoj pristupamo kroz raznolike aktivnosti. Tako „Tić“ objedinjuje:

  •             Program poludnevnog boravka
  •             Savjetovalište
  •             Preventivnu djelatnost

U „Tiću“ su zaposleni psiholozi, socijalni radnik, predškolski odgajatelj i vanjski suradnici – pedijatri i psihijatar.

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