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The Ubuntu Academy is a school of inspiration for young, talented people who aspire to make a difference in their own life and that of others.

We train students through arts, entrepreneurship and leadership to become creative leaders of the next generation, to manifest positive social change and to be part of an emerging culture in South Africa.

Our overall goals are to guide students to (1) find or create employment, (2) support them in the set-up or launch of own businesses or initiatives, (3) receive further education, including trainings, apprenticeships or internships.

Our guiding values are Ubuntu, creativity and passion.

Our vision is to create positive social change through the talents and dreams of youth, guided by the philosophy of Ubuntu.

Our mission is to be a creative place where students gain skills and undergo personal growth. We want to systematically guide them to realise their inherent potentials, so that they live and work as active and positively contributing citizens in their communities, countries and the world.

We strive to be a best practice social enterprise that is viable and replicable. We strive to create opportunities with and for Ubuntu Academy students and all other stakeholders to grow into a sustainable eco-system of arts, entrepreneurship and leadership. We co-create with people and organisations who share our values.

The Ubuntu Academy was founded in 2012 and launched its very first programme in March 2013.

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