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Waves for Change is a pioneering HIV education and youth leadership programme rooted in surfing, based in Ocean-side informal settlements where HIV prevalence exceeds 25% and youth unemployment tops 60%,

Waves for Change uses surfing as a tool to connect with at-risk youth and initiate youth-lead forums for sexual health and community building in communities where no such forums exist. The programme is run in partnership with ocean-side high schools and runs after-school and holiday programmes to engage young people across a broad sector of the Cape's townships, were surfing and surf culture has never previously existed and provides and exciting and appealing platform for engaging hard to reach youth.

Based around its unique educational curriculum and training programmes, Waves for Change invests in the training and upskilling of local coaches to effect change in their home communities and transforms previously disused beaches into hubs for health education and vocational skills training.

Waves for Change has won multiple international awards for its innovative health education and skills training programmes

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