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BEARC-INDIA, (Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre) is a South Indian Christian national NGO, serving the less privileged, widows, the aged, physically challenged, and the poorest of the poor; irrespective of ones creed, colour or community attachment. Bethel is now over 18 years old and has served very quietly for the holistic development of the above said people.

A mere 15$ donation will support an aged person. Medical care, eye care, warm cloth, food can be given to the sick and the aged. WE DO NOT RUN A HOME BUT TAKE OUR SERVICE TO THEIR HOMES WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE LOCAL CHURCH VOLUNTEERS. We are seeking support for 100 beneficiaries. A monthly need of $.1500 is needed for this project. This is an "ongoing"  project.

These are Individuals over 65 years of age who toiled all their lives, in rain and shine to keep their children fed, clothed and educated. Now they are cast aside and struggle with life and live is sorrowful tears. LET US SHOW OUR LOVE AND CARE ONE INDIVIDUAL AT A TIME.



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