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                                 Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre.

                                                         Welcome to our Site!

Bethel is an Indian Christian national NGO, 25 years in existence and experience, properly registered with the State Government and with the Union Home Ministry, tax-exempted and faithful to men and faithful to God as a Social Service Society in serving men and women without any discrimination of, colour, creed and community attachments. We are one amongst millions of social service agencies who strive to develop individuals, families and communities who are victims of extreme poverty, who are victims of tragedies, bad luck, and misfortune. Bethel is a small and a grass root level with a vision to people who live in villages and communities to whom no practical help has ever gone before! WE DO NOT OPERATE HUGE PROJECTS WHICH INVOLVES LARGE FUNDS, BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURES, SALARIED STAFF, VEHICLES AND MODERN COMMUNICATION GADGETS.

We are Committed Christian volunteers, who have dedicated our time, life, talents and money some times, for the projects of Bethel. Our approach to people is “One at a time”.

Our Concept is “holistic development”. And our achievement is a “Sustainable Development”. GOD is the head of our Operation. He too is very much interested to re-furbish, rebuild, uplift, bless and provide for all our needs.  He brings a supernatural change in our soul, spirit and in our bodies. We have seen individuals and families, delivered from the clutches of poverty, debts, drunkenness, sicknesses, He has provided jobs and hoses and businesses etc…We help people, with very little efforts and investments to stand on their own feet and self=support themselves, instead of someone helping them month after month.

Bethel is totally dependent on the Living God for all it’s needs. Our fund raising method is “By Praying and asking God’s favour and supplies”. As the founder and Director of Bethel I never printed a “Donation Book” and went about asking for Donations. Technically, We are far behind to raise funds through “Social Web-sites” and by other means. This is a Spiritual Warfare.  All people agree and disagree on fundraising issues. Molly and I lived trusting the Lord for the last 35 years. We simply praise the Lord for His Faithfulness. We have paid very high prices for the ministry of Bethel and Continue to do so. We lost both our sons, the only last son died on the 8th November -2014. We live a simple life and we live for the living God and to bless other people. We are literally penniless and never steal, lie and amassed wealth.

Following are some of the active projects for we need very urgent help:-

  1. Care and service to aged persons who live in pathetic condition in villages. Go the page and read in detail of the things we do for them. By donating 15$ per individual per month we will be able to provide their most urgent needs. We need 100 supporters (or) Sponsors.
  1. Sustainable development of Widows:  “Give life by giving Live stocks” is our slogan. We give ONE TIME, support in the form of Cow (or) Sheep (or) poultry (or) Tea shop (or Vegetable shop etc.. worth 750$ per widow. Read the full project by going to the page here. We need 10 sponsors for ten persons.
  1. Give us Drinking Water: In Bethel Campus, We have 2 Tube well. One is 450 feet deep and the other is 650 deep. It was sunk 10 years ago. Now the whole world is under rain water, but our particular region never receives sufficient water. We need 2000$ to “Flush and Clean” the tube wells. It’s the same as drilling a new tube well. Sponsor us.

Every Single donation will be receipted on the spot and reports will be sent to you to follow up the project. You are most welcome to visit and inspect the project at any time or night. You are most welcome! You can trust us 100%, as unto the Lord.

Bethel also is a “Great Commission Mission” and we take the love of God to people who never heard the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and lead them to God’s great plan of Salvation. Bethel has more than 35 associate churches in different villages and there are calls for assistance from various states of India. We train national evangelists, pastors and Christian Workers and support them.

I need your help and Very Sincere Prayers. And I appeal to you in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, to become supporters of God’s Holy Work in India. Help us at the appropriate right time and Now! Our efforts will change the destiny of someone in need for ever. THIS WISE INVESTMENT WILL BRING 100% REWARD TO YOU AND YOUR HOUSE HOLD and the Heavenly on the judgment day!

Write to me today and send a donation to day. (

Rev. Arvind. T







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