Youth With Diabetes (YWD)

Cause Profile

(YWD) Youth With Diabetes ( NPO 057-954 PBO 93 0025 364) is a non-profit organisation that sets out to motivate and educate South African youth from all walks of life, who have Type 1 Diabetes.

The organisation was established in 2007 and has grown in numbers and support throughout the years.

Diabetes is a rapidly growing condition: two people are diagnosed with Diabetes every second. Diabetes fatalities are also on the rise as just as many South Africans are dying from, mis-managed diabetes care as HIV and AIDS. Diabetes awareness is often ignored and disregarded but the stats prove that there is a definite need for Diabetes awareness and support throughout the country especially in under developed areas and communities.

 Our objectives are:

  •      Education and raising of general awareness levels about diabetes.
  •      Establish support group
  •      Print and distribute diabetic educational material
  •      Send underprivileged diabetic children on diabetic educational weekends
  •      Liaise with diabetic affiliated organisations to achieve common goals
  •      Promote general healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes
  •      Promote the general welfare and well being of youth who have diabetes.


Our slogan “Life can be sweet” embodies our enthusiastic and positive attitude toward this condition. Our logo was especially designed to represent a lollipop, to dispel the common misconceptions about diabetes and emphasizes our slogan.

 YWD relies solely on donations and sponsorship's to achieve our objectives and in turn save lives!


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