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Kylemore High School was established in 1991, with eighteen teachers. The Staff and learners were accommodated at PC Petersen Primary for the first few weeks because the new buildings could not be used at the time.

 Twenty one years later the school still stands, but we are facing challenge's such as only having a few computers in a working state and a lack of funding for supplying food for children who come from disadvantaged areas in the Dwarsrivier Valley.Most of the children at Kylemore High School do not have access to a computer at home, so if we can get all the computers in a working state at School by donating funds, they would have the privilege to develop their computer literacy.

At the moment, we have two computer labs, but only one of the two labs is in working condition. The only way we, as a school, can help each learner  improve in their school work, is to provide each and every learner with a good platform for learning.

As we try our best to do this, the sad part is that we lack funding for improvements and resources. Nothing in life is free, but if you can help our children to have access to a working computer and something to fill their tummy's it  will help. You reap what you sow, so help our future doctors and future pilots.  The youth are the future of tomorrow so lets help them make something of their wonderful life.

We invite everybody who have had dealings with this institution to share their ideas and help the School reach greater goals.


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