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Some of the major milestones in Compassion in World Farming (SA)’s efforts for farmed animals.

  • 1991: Free range eggs are introduced onto the shelves of Pick n Pay and Woolworths after our petition for the banning of battery eggs tops 28 000 signatures. (see Becoming Proudly Human on You Tube).
  • 1992:  CIWF’s Louise van der Merwe lays an official complaint against battery farming with the police on the grounds that it contravenes the Animals Protection Act. The prosecuting authority declines to prosecute after 18 months of deliberation.
  • 1997: Amidst lawyers letters and legal threats as a result of our publishing of ostriches plucked live, before slaughter, this practice is finally banned by the ostrich industry.
  • 2003: Compassion in World Farming SA’s Louise van der Merwe, receives the Campaigner of the Year award by IFAW/Animal Talk magazine.
  • 2004: Woolworths bans battery eggs from all its stores nationwide. CEO Simon Susman gives credit for this to Compassion in World Farming (SA).
  • 2004: Free range broiler (meat) chickens become available in most supermarkets following our campaign against intensive farming of broiler chickens.
  • 2005: CIWF(SA) exposes cruelty to male calves in the diary industry  and Woolworths instructs its Ayrshire dairy suppliers to raise all male calves to at least six months of age. (See Saving Baby Ubuntu on You Tube).
  • 2006: CIWF(SA) supporters collect more than 100 000 signatures for the Animals Matter petition to the United Nations. It is handed to the Department of Agriculture.
  • 2009: Tozie Zokufa joins CIWF(SA) and is elected chairman of the Pan African Animal Welfare Alliance (PAAWA) which meets in Nairobi.
  • 2010: Cape Town City becomes the seventh city in the world to official endorse one meat-free day a week in the name of Human Health, Sustainability, Poverty Alleviation and Animal Welfare.
  • 2011: CIWF(SA) presents the Consumer Commission with a mass class action against Factory Farming on the ground that it is ‘unconscionable’. Decision is pending.
  • 2011: After extensive lobbying by CIWF(SA), The South African Pork Producer’s Organisation agrees to a partial phase-out of sow stalls for breeding pigs by 2020. 

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