Lions of the Lamb

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There is something fierce, passionate and wild in the heart of every man...placed there by God Himself, because that is part of who He is. The reason most men live lives of quiet desperation is because they have been told that the reason God put them on earth is to be a good be nice.

But there is SO MUCH MORE in God’s heart for men than simply to be ‘nice’. Men are designed to be dangerous - dangerous for good. There is a wildness in the heart of man placed there by God. We want to be the hero. We want to save the day. We want to live the adventure, to take the risks and to ‘dare the mighty thing’. We want to make sure that our lives count for something, for someone.

Too often men settle for lives that rob them of their hearts – living only for the sake of duty. We’re breathing, but we’re not truly alive. We wonder if there isn’t more to life than going to work, struggling to pay the bills, keeping the kids in line, and living for the weekend…or just surviving each day until we can fall into a chair and escape into someone else’s TV reality. We've lost our hearts and we must find them again, because to be fully alive is how we, as men, bear the image of God and best reflect His glory. If a man is going to know who he truly is and what he is created for, then he must take a journey with God into the wilderness to discover his true heart.

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