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Consider how the education of one child can influence the future of a family, inspire the ambitions of siblings and change the course of their future children's opportunities...

We believe that this can be a reality if our investment in a child’s education is one of quality and purpose.

Eduvate started as a small in-house CSI project for a Stellenbosch based private organization. After four years of investment at the same local school, it became very clear that much more needed to be done to change the future of thousands of children in this school and others like it. The status quo was simply not working. This thinking led to the registration of an NPO whose main goal is to help facilitate education reform in South Africa, by supporting cutting edge global trends in education. 

Eduvate was registered as a Not for Profit organization in 2011, to carry forward the hope of changing a broken education system that leaves too many children at a disadvantage. Eduvate manages projects in line with this as well as sources and channels funds to this cause.

We are a small organization with big ideas. With enough passion and drive to mold the steps towards a model that will bring hope to South Africa's poor. To achieve this requires a formula of ubuntu combined with a focus on quality above quantity and patience above haste.

We have laid the foundation for our vision with our first pilot projects

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