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Indigo is based in Nieuwoudtville, a small town in the Northern Cape which is at the intersection of two Global Biodiversity Hotspots: the Cape Floristic Kingdom and the Succulent Karoo. Most of its inhabitants are historically disadvantaged and socio-economic opportunities are scarce and/or unknown. Many researchers and scientists have been coming to the area to conduct research on biodiversity conservation, climate change, plant diversity and other topics. However the research was usually not accessible to local farmers, learners and teachers. In order to harness the exceptional biodiversity, promote responsible stewardship of these natural treasures and open up opportunities for better livelihoods for the locals associated to sustainable use of natural resources, Indigo facilitates local action amongst members of rural communities with the ultimate focus on empowerment of marginalised groups and simultaneous promotion of social and environmental justice.

Community trust has being built throughout the years based on a sound working relationship. Indigo works with participatory learning and action methodologies aimed to truly empower individuals throughout allowing them to indentify their own problems and find local tangible, sustainable and lasting solutions. Our activities indeed are guided by the local needs and requests. We don’t work in isolation but together with a diverse range of national and international partners from the non-profit, academic and government arenas.

We do our work through implementing three programmes on a daily basis:

  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Sustainable Natural Resource Management & Biodiversity Conservation, and
  • Training and Capacity Development.
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