Red Willow Foundation

Red Willow Foundation for HIV/Aids and Severely Disabled children in rural areas and informal settlements

Posted 23 April 2012 in Posts / HiV/ Aids & Severe Disability

RED WILLOW FOUNDATION (Hospice, Palliative and Respite Care For the severely disabled children e.g. un-educable children who can not go to school due to too many disabilities and deformities and caring for children suffering from HIV/AIDS in rural areas and informal settlements

The vision to build a hospice / respite centre as a result of the recognized need to establish a special care facility, a place of refuge for children who are medically fragile, disabled and who are not accepted at any school due to their disabilities and care dependence.

Many parents make the commitment to care for their chronically ill children within the home environment and often with limited nursing support. Many of these families will face the emotional stress of caring for a dying child and the loss of that child, and will need the support of a children’s hospice / respite centre. These loving parents and their children need a break from complex care giving regimes and they can find this break at the Red Willow Foundation for children