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A "Beautiful Noise" to the hearing impaired ...

Cochlear implants are changing the lives of severe profound hearing impaired patients at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital.

The shocking statistics: 53 million people across the world suffer from severe to profound hearing loss or impairment. A staggering 5 million people become deaf every year. Hearing impairment makes up 20% of disabilities in South Africa.The cochlear implant is the only man-made device that effectively restores a disability (and the use of one of the human senses).

The Steve Biko Academic Hospital Board initiated and registered a Public Benefit Organization that facilitates cochlear implants at the Hospital in the heart of Pretoria. The SBAHB – Robert Kerr Trust Health Programme was established in 2009 to financially support and facilitate 3 to 4 implants per year through various fundraising projects since cochlear implants are currently not funded by the Government. Since 2009 the gift of hearing was given to eight fortunate candidates through the "Beautiful Noise" Cochlear implant Project.

Only a few other State hospitals in the country performs cochlear implants, making these operations (done at Steve Biko Academic Hospital) even more significant.

The Hospital's Audiology Department provides extensive hearing and communication training and monthly "mapping" sessions for implant patients. The electric impulses of the cochlear device need to be calibrated and "updated" so that the brain can adapt to a new level of "usable sound".

The rehabilitation programmes used for the aftercare therapy is: The Sound Foundation for Babies and Adults Series. It consists of 40 sets of goals in the areas of audition, receptive language, expressive language and speech. The activities included in this rehabilitation series are designed to fit into everyday life easily and provide the knowledge and understanding of the theory behind the identified goals.

We are appealing to possible corporate donors to join hands with Steve Biko Academic Hospital in this very worthwhile program. This initiative and project changes lives forever and is an investment into a person's life that affects families and influence communities.

Make a Beautiful Noise to a hearing impaired child, SMS "NOISE" to 39101 and contribute R15 towards a cochlear implant.

We appeal to the public to open their hearts to support this Project and to be thankful for every day that we are blessed to be able to listen to the sound of the traffic or beautiful music and our children's laughter.

To make a donation use:     ABSA : Ben Swart,     Account Number : 4074979623,      Branch Code : 632005.

Contact Ms E Davies on 083 554 9282 or e-mail us at or for more info.

Get involved and make a difference in the life of a hearing impaired person.

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