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Alcohol and drugs are the root cause of almost all of South Africa’s ills: gangsterism, crime, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, broken homes and unemployment etc., which affect each and every South African. The Western Cape in particular is in an absolute crisis situation from the abuse of alcohol and drugs within poorer communities.

The JAG Foundation’s mentoring, coaching, knowledge and organised physical activity programmes, target alcohol and drugs head-on, by showing the kids of these poorer communities that there is another better healthier life, that can give them hope to escape their surroundings. The programmes also try and place the youth out of reach of gangs and their criminal behaviour.

We inspire South Africa’s disadvantaged children to build a positive future for themselves, their families and their communities, by encouraging them to participate in various sport-related programmes.

By instilling sporting values for life, we aim to create an environment for South Africa’s children to fulfil their dreams and thereby rebuild communities.

 Please help us create the change.

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