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It is such a pleasure to make your acquaintance (if it is your first visit to our page) and it is an even bigger pleasure to see you again if this is a return visit to our page.

Angels Without Wings is a registered NPO, with one mission in mind: "To deliver hope to the families of children with life altering conditions or with children who are terminally ill."

We aim to do this by firstly assisting with the financial burden brought upon them by their medical bills, and then to also look after the family's emotional needs, by introducing them to a solid and understanding support base.

We want the families to know that they are not alone, that there are people who care and who are there for the long haul. So often families are overwhelmed with support soon after the diagnosis.... but a few months down the line you often find them fighting and pushing forward on their own.... we want to be that dependable friend, that rock they can hold on to.... that inspiration that will urge them to never EVER give up!

So please page through our pages and please consider getting involved in one of our many projects.

Much Love and Hope

Nadine, Liza and Elmarie

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