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13thFLOOR is all about life-change. Globally. On the one hand 13thFLOOR wants to impact society with an alternative style of ministry through the arts and media! And on the other hand we cultivate growth within the frame of our ministry! ‘Impact’ and ‘growth’.

13thFLOOR is a performing arts company that competes with others in the industry. When it comes to our performances, we regard excellence and innovation as key values in creating our all-original shows. But these shows are also just stories – stories of real young people with real issues. Stories that draw them in and unlock their hearts. 13thFLOOR is about befriending these young people who are alone and hurt by life’s realities.

But 13thFLOOR is also a ministry – and is all about renewing minds and transforming lives. When it comes to our company members, we do everything we can to prepare and launch them for God’s calling in their lives, whether that be in ministry or in the market place. Over the past decade 13thFLOOR has had influential impact in the development of numerous professional businessmen, artists, actors, musicians and ministers that are currently positioned all over the world – leaders in their field.

The 13thFLOOR hub is based in South Africa. A country that has experienced a lot of pain in order to appreciate the blessing and value of racial unity and integration. It is an integral part of the vision of 13thFLOOR to embrace cultural diversity and we make it our aim to empower young people of all races and cultures. More than 10 countries and ethnic groups are represented within the ministry.

So wherever u are, look out for us – 13thFLOOR plans to have influence in every continent soon! Maybe sooner than u think!

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