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Based in Bottelary, Stellenbosch, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa the Saviola United Football Club is a non-profit organization established to provide an unparalleled personal growth experience through the game of soccer and to promote life-long participation in the sport.Saviola United Football Club was establish in 1987 at Bottelary as a farm-based soccer club, especially and exclusively for the children of farm workers living on the Kaapzicht Wine Estate. The purpose of the club is to expose the area's youth to positive alternatives for the social chalenges like drug and alcohol abuse, criminal activities and early pregnancies.

Since then the club has evolved to become one of the top clubs in Stellenbosch with most of its players originating from the Bottelary region. The club plays football in the Safa Cape Winelands Promotional League; Absa Women’s Regional League and also has a 1st Division team, U/10, U/12 and U/16 youth teams that plays in the Stellenbosch Local Football Association (LFA) League. This is amidst the fact that no funds are available to run the club.

The club enables the youth to come and partake in the beautiful game to escape the harsh reality of poverty while at the same time learn valuable life skills suchs as sharing, caring, protecting one another and have a sence of belonging by being a member of a team. For some of them playing football is the only time when they are really happy as conditions at home is terrible to say the least as many a time they lack the essencials to survive as human beings like food to eat.

The parents of the children are the primary funders of sport activities. Their low income makes it difficult for them to support their children since wages are mainly used for other more important things like household security and educational purposes.

Through the years the role of the club was always to promote and develop the game within the community by encouraging and supporting all those who want to participate through playing, coaching, refereeing, administrating or by merely being a spectator. This approach always seeks to ensure that we are able to focus on the priorities that will enable the game to grow in the community, generate lifelong participation and create a sustainable football club. The latter are vital as it will ensure that the “Soccer Journey” is completed to deliver lifelong participation in the game.

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