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The purpose of this documentary film is to underline the plight of some families; when a "Bread-winner" losses the use of a limb through a freak accident, sickness or amputation. We zoom in on the lives of Amputees and how; one person is connected to the other.

If one member of a family is affected, just like domino, the ripple effect goes a long way in affecting the social strata of a community.

In Somalia, one horrified man found guilty of stealing was put on public display like some barbaric, depraved form of entertainment as his hand was severed at the wrist and then dangled by the index finger for all to see. The reason most stole was because they were trying to provide for their families.
Amputation as legal punishment for stealing is still being practiced in a number of Muslim countries.


21 February 2012 - Project Leader: Rendani

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Give A Limb
Feb 21, 2012