The Papillon Foundation

Computer Training Project

100.00 ZAR of 350,000.00 ZAR Project Target raised so far, with 0 Activists helping out

It is a certain fact that computer literacy opens new doors to the poor and we are already making great progress in achieving this with our social outreach training projects.

The plan is now to source an affordable tablet form of computer to supply to our graduates.

Instead of training on desk tops, we will do the basic training on the tablets and then allow our learners (whom are all poor community members) to purchase the tablets from us at a subsidised fee, as this will creat the opportunity for them to have their own innovative form of a computer at home. We have to stay up dated with future technological progress and a tablet have many benefits in that it is totally portable and it also occupies less space in cramped conditions as opposed to a bulky deak top computer.

24 November 2011 - Project Leader: Stephen Smith