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Volunteer anti drug program in our community (Substance Abuse) FOCUS GROUP The primary target is the youth, both in and out of school as they are vulnerable to peer pressure. SERVICE Substance abuse, prevention and rehabilitation DEFINITION OF SERVICE Substance abuse programme at alleviating alcohol and drug abuse through preventative, rehabilitative and community based care interventions. AIMS OF THE SERVICE To render preventative services such as awareness campaigns in the form of educational talks in schools and communities, targeting primarily in an out of school youth. To implement community based services by engaging our target groups in community projects such as income generating projects that will keep them active in constructive ways and take them away from abusing substance. To facilitate establishment of youth groups such as TADA in schools, by engaging out of school youth volunteers as coordinators coordinators of TADA programme To refer substance abusers to Treatment Centres where they receive treatment and rehabilitation. To render after care and re-intergration services to service users when they return to their communities after they have received treatment.

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