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Mission Statement:

To protect horses from abuse and alleviate their suffering by rehabilitating, campaigning and educating.

A world where horse are used but not abused

The Coastal Horse Care Unit (CHCU) is a Section 21 company, independently directed and operated from any existing establishments. We are a new unit with a recently established Board of Directors. 

CHCU is committed to the welfare of all horses and donkeys from all disciplines of equine involvement. CHCU is based on a farm in the Cato Ridge area. The farm was very generously donated and is THE MOST PERFECT PLACE, which we have unbelievable plans for… so watch this space!!
We intend to ultimately run the farm as a Rescue, Rehabilitation and re-homing centre for horses which are abused or neglected. We hope to develop the rescue centre to become sustainable, by having regular fundraising events and opening the farm to the public; offering an interactive and educational animal farm with a small tea garden and playground area for children.

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