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"Education is the single most important challenge facing South Africa in the 21st Century"  - Cyril Ramaphosa

Through the Adopt a School Foundation individuals and companies around the world can mobilize effective change in the education environment in South Africa, and help to create an environment that is conducive to learning and teaching.

Invest in the future of South Africa through making sustainable changes to our education system.  Adopt a School - Change a Life.

South Africa remains a society marked by stark inequalities – none more obvious than in the education sector. The challenges facing many schools in SA include: inadequate infrastructure, lack of resources in various arenas, lack of sanitation and security, lack of discipline and management and critical social welfare issues.

The Adopt-a-School Foundation was established in 2002. Over the last 10 years we have inspired both businesses and individuals in the private sector to invest in whole school development, thereby endorsing the more efficient transformation of education in South Africa.

The principal aim of the Adopt-a-School Foundation (AAS) is to ensure that schools in South Africa have all of the necessary resources to support an environment that is conducive to learning and teaching.  These resources include: leadership, communication, governance, quality of teaching, educator development, school safety, security and discipline, health and wellness, learner support systems in Mathematics and Science, counselling, motivational and team building skills, extra and co-curricular activities, parental volunteerism, maintenance of school structures and infrastructure development.

Some statistics highlighting the problem with education in South Africa

  • There are 25 000 public schools in South Africa: of these, 3 544 (14%) have no electricity supply, 2 402 (10%) have no water supply and 23 562 (93%) do not have stocked and functioning libraries.
  • 5% of South Africa’s GDP goes to education, which puts it broadly in line with countries such as the US, Holland and Austria. However South Africa is ranked 137 out of 139 countries for quality in mathematics and science education and 125 (out of 139 countries) for the quality of primary school education.
  • Out of a group of 100 Grade 1 pupils, only 40 will reach Grade 12. Of those, 28 will pass matric and four will enter university. Of the four, only one will graduate. 
  • Grade 3 learners scored an average of 35% in literacy tests and 28% in numeracy tests, while Grade 6 learners scored 28% in languages and 30% in mathematics.
  • 20% of teachers are absent from schools on Mondays and Fridays.



31 August 2012 - Project Leader: Nicola Vogel

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Adopt a School, Change a Life
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