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Though only recently established, KiC has already provided a wealth of services to the community. Our crucial work is making great strides in decreasing instances of domestic violence and mediating the situations in which they are likely to arise, however, additional funding is needed to continue and expand the services we provide.

KiC is committed to the Amanzimtoti community and its surrounding areas through the following objectives: to provide mediation in order to reduce conflict between parental (and other) parties and assure that legislation designed to uphold the rights of women and children is upheld; to provide conflict resolution and mediation designed specifically to prevent the onset of violence in volatile domestic situations; to offer supervised visitation by a neutral and professional third party in order to reduce the risk of violence during visitations, and to provide protection to the non-custodial parent from unfounded accusations; to prevent exposure to potential parental conflict and violence through the provision of transport for children from one custodial parent to another for purposes of visitation in the event of potentially volatile interactions between parents; to offer crisis prevention in the form of domestic violence intervention, including a 24-hour crisis line in the event that a domestic situation becomes volatile or a restraining order or court interdict is violated; and to provide on-call assistance to police responding to domestic violence calls either by phone or on-site as needed.

 KiC is designed to assure appropriate police intervention through the provision of education to and collaboration with the South African Police Service (SAPS) and strives to make services that improve access to justice available to all people regardless of their ability to pay. It is also an important goal of KiC to raise awareness and provide avenues for prevention of gender-based violence in the community and within the criminal justice system.

 KiC is affiliated with the nonprofit Community Support and Counseling Centre (CSCC) and the South African Divorce Association (SADA). Additionally, KiC works in close collaboration with police and attorneys in Hillcrest, Amanzimtoti, Durban and Pinetown and has responded to police calls for assistance from all of these areas. Scottburgh Magistrate’s Court has recently provided KiC with space to work on-site in order to address gender-based violence issues in that area and surrounds. KiC also engages in advocacy work and has responded to calls from community members for assistance in a variety of domestic violence situations, including child abduction, stalking, and violence perpetrated against women and children. Finally, KiC is frequently contacted by area schools to intervene when children report domestic violence related issues.

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