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Bibles for Believers is a registered Section 21 organization and NPO.

Did you know that millions of Christians across the world cannot afford to buy their own Bible?

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Bibles for Believers is a Christian Mission Organization which was established to help meet this huge need. Participating churches apply for Bibles for these believers who can read and who want to be discipled. Bibles for Believers (B4B) purchases, transports and delivers Bibles to the church. Everyone who receives a Bible must attend a discipleship course. B4B works closely with church planting organizations and the various Bible Societies. 

Bibles for Believers forms part of the Harvesters Family of Ministries. Read more about us on our website

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Trans North to Transbaviaans update

8 August 2013 - News by Bibles for Believers
[link] Well done to Stephan and Michael! They have just left Luckoff and are now making their way towards Vanderkloof-dam. It is cold on the road - measured 6⁰C...