Family Force Recovery Foundation

Cause Profile

Family Force Recovery Foundation (Restoring Uganda, one family at a time).

What we do:

We serve Ugandans through Empowerment, rehabilitation, counseling, support groups and training programs; to build strong relationships within the family and establish resilient foundations in the community which will provide greater opportunities for a better future.

Mission: We strive to collaboratively equip and empower vulnerable families and individuals to be proactive and self-led agents toward a sustainable community.

Legal status: Registered as a Community Based Organization (BGR /1059/2499)

Target groups

  • Women At Risk
  • Street Children
  • Widows and the Elderly
  • Orphans and vulnerable children
  • Rural and marginalized communities

Major areas of intervention

  • Rehabilitation
  • Victim support
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Food security
  • Community development through empowerment
  • Focused-Advocacy

Without your support, it may not be easy for us to reach our project goals. We would greatly appreciate your generosity, Remember, no gift is too small. Any amount you give will help toward making a long term positive change in the lives of the marginalized. Please click here if you have the desire to donate  towards any of our projects. Tax certificate will be offered to our donors at the end of each financial year.

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