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The Friends of Valkenberg Trust serves patients in a number of ways:  We meet requests for basic needs like extra clothing for the patient admitted in a crisis, transport costs for someone going home for the weekend or a food parcel for a patient discharged to a hungry family. 

 We also seek to complement the work of professional staff by offering arts, cooking and sewing groups.  Acknowledging the importance of both mind and body, we like to offer sporting opportunities and staff a hair and beauty salon on a weekly basis, which does wonders for self esteem. 

 The many wards are often in need of items which make life more comfortable, for example a DVD player for evening entertainment or a microwave to reheat food for a patient who missed supper. 

 We have a Second Hand shop on site which, as well as providing much needed funds, provides a valuable service to both staff and patients who are able to buy affordable goods. 

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