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GOLD is a dynamic non-profit organisation using the methodology of peer education which harnesses the influence that young leaders have with their peers to encourage youth to make informed choices and develop health-enhancing and purpose driven social norms. GOLD is playing a pivotal role in building social capital in communities, in supporting education in difficult circumstances, and in developing a generation of young emerging leaders with tangible skills and character to contribute to positive changes in their schools and communities as well as how to access future opportunities. 

Every day we ask ourselves, what if influential young leaders, full of vision and purpose, changed their lives in positive ways and encouraged their peers to do the same? Imagine what the African continent could look like 40 years on.

Direct Beneficiaries
1580 youth peer educators
1580 parents and guardians
4740 youth peers and children
140 community leaders and teachers
44 out-of-school youth leaders

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