The Cows

94.7 - 2012

1,315,705.00 ZAR of 4,000,000.00 ZAR Project Target raised so far, with 240 Activists helping out*

Raise funds and ride in a cow suit!

The 2012 Stampede will be taking to the streets for the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge in November 2012 with a peloton of more than 300 inspired cyclists dressed in Cow Suits riding the challenge for CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA.

The Cows won the Official Red Jersey for most funds raised during the 2010 Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge - join the winning team!

23 January 2013 - Project Leader: Daisy Cow in Projects / The Cows 2012

* This project has received donations in currencies other than ZAR, so due to fluctuating exchange rates, the amounts shown here are estimates.