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Updating your fundraising project's progress

Posted 29 July 2011 in Posts / Managing your Activist account

Use the following example to assist you in updating your fundraising project's progress and informing your supporters about it!

Login and click on Projects, then on the name of your fundraising project.

  • Enter your news update in the New Comment field:

    Well, the training for the upcoming 94.7 is coming along nicely! I'm doing 40 kms every second day and it's getting easier everytime. Haven't tried it with the cow suit on tho...

  • Optional: Click on Attach a video? to enter a YouTube video URL: -  this will enable a YouTube video to play in your fundraising project update
  • Select to notify your followers and donors and post the update to Facebook
  • Click on Post

Additional ways to raise awareness about your fundraising project page:

  • Ask your visitors to click on the Facebook Like button on the page
  • Tweet about your project and include the project page URL link
  • Email your friends, family and colleagues about it