Light From Africa Foundation

Cause Profile

Background:  Art in the Forest is a thriving ceramic centre with full time artists, associate artists who rent cubicle space and a communal space. Our gallery showcases up to 6 ceramic exhibitions per year featuring leading South African ceramicists. Our studio produces for clients locally and internationally. The studio offers ongoing pottery classes and workshops. Profits made at ART in the FOREST are donated to Light from Africa Foundation and are used to give free pottery classes to children who have no access to any art education at school as well as therapeutic clay sessions facilitated by an art therapist.

Ownership: Art in the Forest is managed and run by well known South African ceramicist Anthony Shapiro. Anthony's trademark bowls have been sold in stores locally and abroad. The Conran stores, Anthropology and Abc Carpet and home in New York City to name a few. The property is owned by philanthropic couple Anthony and Carole Record. They are passionate about job creation, poverty alleviation and providing a safe, creative space to children with no means for creative expression. They have a particular passion for ceramics.

 Vision & mission: Art in the forest's primary missions are job creation through our mentorship program and giving children a place to experience creativity and joy. As a commercially successful potter Anthony understands product development and this leads to our artists producing product that will work in a retail environment. Nic Sithole worked for Anthony for 10 years and he is a great example of how the right environment and discerning eye helps build self sufficient creatives with an understanding of good design, marketability and the ability to present a coherent range to the public.

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