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An 11-year old's vision to become president of SA

Posted 7 July 2011

My name is Damian Peterson and my vision is to become the future president of the Republic of  South Africa. I will do everything in my power  to obey the Constitutional Law of the Republic. My government's policy will state that every citizen of the Republic can live in peace and harmony and safety of the constitution. Corruption will be fought and service will be delivered in improved conditions. My government will do their  best to overcome poverty and crime. Criminals will get stricter sentences. Schools will be improved and better learning standards will be held. Every citizen’s basic needs will be satisfied. The South African Navy and Defence Force will do everything in their power to abolish poaching. My government will seek peaceful solution methods in times of conflict. Our rivers will be protected from pollution under the safety of the Constitution. More environmentally friendly products will be produced to lower our carbon emissions in our air. My final vision is to make our land prosperous and wealthy. This is my vision as the future president.