Cresset House

Cause Profile

Cresset House is a residential and work facility for adults with intellectual disabilities. We house 60 residents (also called ‘villagers’) who live on our 11 hectare property in six different residential houses. Cresset House is situated in Glen Austin, Midrand, half-way between Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Villagers enjoy a congenial village lifestyle in this secure community which serves as a comfortable and safe ‘home away from home’. Everyone in the community is involved in contributing productively to the sustainability and advancement of the whole.

Cresset House has been in existence since 1961.

During the day, all residents are involved in different areas of work – the bakery, woodwork centre, craft centre, stimulation centre and the organic vegetable gardens and tunnels.

Evening activities include interacting and socialising in the coffee bar, bible study, hobby groups and games evenings. Once a month, a village gathering is held during which residents can discuss matters that are of importance to them.

At Cresset House we believe steadfastly in, and are committed to, environmental sustainability with the following activities being practiced on a continuous basis:

  • Planting organic vegetables and herbs for the facilities’ own use as well as for clients;
  • Making our own organic pesticides and compost;
  • Worm farming;
  • Recycling paper, cardboard, glass, batteries, plastic and tins;
    • Old computer components and scrap metal are taken to designated collection points;
    • Only natural cleaning materials are used (no chemicals);
    • Instead of a municipal sewage system, Cresset House recycles eight million litres of waste water annually through a unique Reed Bed System that was introduced and constructed in 1994. This water is then used to irrigate the land (orchards and estate gardens).

It is the policy of Cresset House to regard each individual’s right to dignity and well-being with the utmost respect, thereby creating an inclusive, welcoming and comfortable home and a meaningful work environment for all residents. Cresset House also champions the principle of ‘connecting communities’. As such, we uphold the policy of assisting underprivileged and disabled people in adjacent communities in efforts to contribute to the upliftment of these communities in whichever way are possible.

The centrally key elements of social equity, inclusiveness and quality of life have been, and will always continue to be attended to, remaining of paramount importance on our organisation’s agenda.

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