Edu-Zone Education Centre

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Edu-Zone Education Centre is a registered non-profit organisation based in Johannesburg, South Africa and was established by concerned parents and teachers as a result of the high school dropout and grade repetition rate. There are no support systems available to children at disadvantaged schools and this leaves them helpless.

We offer free basic literacy and numeracy assessments to identify learning barriers, tutoring services and stimulating computer based learning programmes to learners with learning disabilities from disadvantaged schools.

We offer career guidance and career mentoring to high school learners through our Future Island Programme. This allows learners to select subjects that are in line with their future plans. Moreover, career guidance could go a long way in giving the learners the confidence to decide where they want to be in future.

We distribute school supplies, shoes and jerseys to children from impoverished families.

We believe that true empowerment comes through education.  If you give someone a fish they will eat it and it is gone forever, but teach someone to fish and they will always be able to fish for a lifetime. We want to ensure that children rise above their circumstances to become the best that they can be.

Please visit our website for more information on our programmes –

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