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 We are here for the children!  One of our biggest challenges in South Africa at the moment is the lack of safe and secure family environments for the current generation of abandoned and vulnerable children. How would one begin to address issues such as dishonesty and corruption when they are fighting for survival and have no role models to show them what's right and what's wrong?

Over the years Refilwe has grown and expanded to serve the ever increasing need in the Lanseria area and today Refilwe is a multi-focused, registered Non Profit and Public Benefit Organization that serves the disadvantaged communities north of Johannesburg, by way of the following programmes:

      Child Care

  • God Parents Project
  • Education

      Sustainable Community Development

  • Refilwe pre-school
  • Community Health & Welfare
  • Training and Employment through On-Site Industries

Refilwe is a registered section 21 Company – registration number 2001/013687/08 with non-profit and public-benefit status.  Refilwe is governed by a board of 12 directors and the day to day operations is the responsibility of the Executive Director and an executive committee made up out of team leaders at Refilwe.



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