The Zach Foundation - Taking a Stand, Together!

131,915.00 ZAR of 250,000.00 ZAR Project Target raised so far, with 13 Activists helping out*

The Zach Foundation is a voluntary, community based organisation that aims to eradicate childhood cancers by taking the fight to the frontline and assisting experts in their role of:

  • Advancing the study and knowledge of cancers in children
  • Improving the care and treatment of children with cancer
  • Promoting a comprehensive approach towards the child with cancer so as to achieve optimal health, growth and development

Established in January 2012, the Zach Foundation is a non-profit organisation formed by a group of people dedicated to providing the best medical treatment for a gorgeous little two and a half year old boy, Zach Guymer, diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive brain tumour. The rarity and aggressive nature of this Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumour (AT/RT) prompted friends and family of Zach to set something in motion to start the South African research leg in the fight against AT/RT and similar cancers.

The Zach Foundation has partnered with CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA to leverage off CHOC's network of contacts and expertise related specifically to combating and supporting the fight against paediatric cancers.

All funds raised by the Foundation are channelled through the South African Children's Cancer Study Group (SACCSG) into research initiatives. The SACCSG is a group of local paediatric oncologists and other specialists whose aim is to advance the study, knowledge and effective treatment of cancers in children.

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12 April 2012 - Project Leader: Steffi Piehl

* This project has received donations in currencies other than ZAR, so due to fluctuating exchange rates, the amounts shown here are estimates.