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The Y.E.S. project  -  empowering teenagers at Lavender Hill High School,  Cape Flats, Cape Town  to say NO to gangland challenges

 At Lavender Hill High School we believe that each child is ENTITLED to a chance in life.  If their environment is jeopardising those chances then lets provide chances in a positive, nurturing school environment.

The core element of Y.E.S is to provide an exciting programme of extra-curricular sporting, cultural and craft/skills development activities.  Through several strong partnerships, the school has recently acquired two sports fields, a new library and 2 computer labs.

For the Y.E.S programme to have meaningful impact in young people’s lives far into the future, we must maintain and continue development.

 So – at this “giving-time” of December 2010 –our focus is to create a strong sustainability fund.    For this we have launched the YES LEASE

 Please support an innovative way of “giving kids a new lease on life” by notionally or “pretend” leasing of a small block of playing fields as a once-off Christmas gift or a gift spread over a year for as little as R100 per month.  (Read more on Projects page)  

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Nov 29, 2010