Cause Profile

                            "Christianity in Action"

Who we are
Sobambisana (meaning “togetherness”) is a non-profit organization dedicated to support and develop the community.  Our motto is “Christianity in Action”.
We are situated in Crossroads, about 4 km from the Cape Town International Airport, just south of the N2 national road.

The need of the community
Crossroads is one of the poorest areas in the Western Cape. The township has a sprawling informal settlement and is home to some 200 000 Xhosa people.  It is .plagued by unemployment, neglect, poor health conditions, crime and substance abuse. The community has a desparate need for care, upliftment, development and education,

What we do
We aim to improve the quality of life in the community and to rebuild the dignity and worth of the people we serve.

Sobambisana reaches out to the most vulnerable groups in the community, including the children, the disabled and the aged. We focus on aspects such as  early childhood development, youth development, old age care, family enrichment,  training and education,
Our projects
The 6 main projects of Sobambisana are:

  • Educares for pre-shool children
  • Special day care for children with disabilities
  • After school care for learners
  • Programme for elderly people
  • Parent enrichment training
  • Volunteer Skills based Programme
10 Actions
  • 10 Actions